Why Using A Skid Wrapper Is Better Than Wrapping Your Skids Or Pallets Manually

If you work in a warehouse, you are probably used to seeing pallets or skids coming or going all the time. Some of those skids may be loaded up with merchandise that needs to stay secure while in transit to a new destination or while you are trying to wheel it out onto the sales floor. The easiest way to secure a skid is to wrap the merchandise or inventory with cellophane or plastic film so that all sides are covered. But that is easier said than done. If you are still wrapping your skids by hand, you are not operating at the efficiency level that you could be. A skid wrapper from a local company could make your work easier in multiple ways. Here's why you might want to search for skid wrappers for sale today.

Set Automatic Parameters and Then Get Out of the Way

Do you have multiple skids that are all the same size? If you are manually wrapping them, you'll probably get into a rhythm with it after a while thanks to the similar size but you still won't be anywhere near as smooth as an automatic skid wrapper. With a skid wrapper, you can set the exact parameters of the skid or pallet, step out of the way, and watch the wrapper quickly wrap things up. You can even set up multiple pallets in a row, enter the amount of space in between each and then watch as the skid wrapper moves down the line, quickly wrapping multiple pallets.

Precision Cuts Every Time

One of the trickiest part of wrapping a skid is the final step, when it's time to cut the plastic or cellophane off of the roll. Again, you can get quite good at doing this manually with practice, but there's no beating an auto wrapping machine. Your skid wrapping will be cut with a straight and perfect line every single time. There will be no wasted wrapping that has to go in the garbage or get recycled. The lack of waste means you'll be able to wrap more skids or pallets with one roll then if you were to do it by hand, bringing your expenses down as a result.

Safer Working Environment

When you use an automatic skid wrapper, your employees can monitor the situation but don't need to be standing right next to the skid or pallet like with a manual wrap. This could prevent a workplace injury from someone tripping on a skid or having merchandise or inventory fall onto an employee. An automatic wrapper will keep your employees' out of harm's way.

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