Restaurant Equipment For Kosher Restaurants

Kosher restaurants differ from other eating establishments for several reasons. The main reason is that all food must be kosher and labeled as kosher according to Jewish law. The other key point that separates kosher from other restaurants is the restaurant equipment. If you are planning on working in a kosher establishment, starting a kosher establishment, or managing a kosher establishment you should know about a few pieces of the equipment you may come in contact with. 

Butchering Table

Many kosher restaurants choose to have meat delivered in whole rather than already cut. The reason for this is due to kosher rules and law. Preparation of food is an important step in the kosher laws. This means butchering the meat in-house is preferable to having it butchered elsewhere. By butchering the meat in-house the chefs and prep cooks can ensure the meat meets kosher standards. A table designed for kosher butchering is also preferable as an addition to restaurant equipment. When in-house butchering is done, you may also have an area for the rabbi to stand in order to oversee the butchering and ensure it is kosher. 

Kosher Handwashing Stations

You may not think that handwashing could be different between faiths, but it is. In order for food preparation to be kosher, the food must be prepared in a certain way. Proper handwashing is part of that. In some cases, kosher restaurants tend to have a separate hand washing station that is equipped with a prayer that should be stated as the person washes their hands. There may be other additions to the area, however, the area should be set away from the other kitchen equipment and should have the prayer required nearby or above the sink. 

Separate Ovens and Food Storage

There is one major and noticeable difference between a non-kosher to a kosher kitchen. This difference is with keeping meat and dairy separate. Part of kosher law is to not mix dairy with meat. This is not just with finished dishes. It also means throughout the cooking and preparation processes. In kosher restaurants, you will see appliances labeled for meat and appliances labeled for dairy. These could be in food storage areas, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and dishwashing stations. 

These pieces of restaurant equipment are available at restaurant supply stores. You can find the equipment with various settings related to kosher cooking. You can also have the equipment delivered and installed directly onsite. If you have the need for special types of kosher kitchen equipment, discuss the options with your supply representative. 

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