Choosing The Right Saw Blades For Your Bandsaw

If you use a bandsaw in your shop, getting the right blades for the material you are working with is essential. Bandsaw blades are available in many different styles and designed for different uses, but you can get the right one for your needs if you look at them closely.

Bandsaw Blade Sizes

Bandsaw blades are long continuous blades that form a loop and are installed on your saw over some guides and rollers that allow it to spin in one direction. The model of the saw you are using will often dictate the length of the bandsaw blades that you can use on it, and some saws are adjustable to allow several optional blades to be used.

Most bandsaws list the blade size and width inside the cover on the side of the machine. Shut off the saw and unplug it from the power source, then open the cover when the blade is installed and look for a decal inside with blade size information on it. 

If you get the length and the width of the blade from the decal, you can take that information to the home center or hardware store with you and get a blade that will fit the machine properly. Bandsaw blades are available in different types, so once you determine the size you need, you will need to find the right blade for the material you want to cut.

Bandsaw Blade Types

Bandsaw blades are available for wood, metal, plastic, and even acrylic materials in many different stores. When choosing the blade you need, look closely at the packaging for information about the blades and what they are used for. A wood blade with large teeth may be great for rough cutting, but you may need a blade with smaller, less aggressive teeth if you are doing fine work. 

Metal blades often have small, fine teeth, making it easier for them to cut through hard steel or other metals. In some cases, metal cutting bandsaw blades also work well for plastic or acrylic materials because they have small teeth that are less likely to cause chipping or material breakout when cutting with them.

Installing Your Bandsaw Blade

Once you have selected the bandsaw blades you need, you need to install one on your saw. Because the blades are routed differently inside the saw depending on the model, refer to the owner's manual or the decal inside the cover that shows the correct path. The teeth on the saw blade should always be pointing down on a bandsaw so the motion of the saw pulls the work down to the table, making it much more stable when cutting.

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